Agnes learns that her son, Dermot has split up with his girlfriend, Maria because he does not wish to move in with her and look at houses with her. Grandad also receives a visit from Dr. Flynn, who asks to do a rectal reading. This results in Grandad getting a thermometer stuck in his posterior. Agnes becomes concerned over Dermot, and talks to Cathy about the situation. However, when she says she wants to try and sort out the situation, Cathy tells her to stay out of it. Agnes does not listen, and talks to Maria before asking her to apologise for upsetting Dermot. Maria states she has misunderstood the situation, and when Dermot arrives home, she tells him to "get stuffed". Winnie talks about sex and vibrators when Cathy announces at the local pub she has a date. Betty proposes Cathy give Dermot and Maria a counselling session, which Agnes does not agree with. Cathy goes ahead with the counselling, and stages a fake fight with Agnes, which results in Dermot proposing to Maria.


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