Dermot and Maria's wedding is just days away and tensions are running high in the Brown household. The groom is getting cold feet. His best man, Buster, cannot find anything good to say about Dermot in his speech. And to cap it all Agnes is mystified why Cathy has given her a book on homosexuality - is she trying to tell Agnes that one of the family is gay? When Dermot's pre-marriage nerves get the better of him, he locks himself away in a cupboard. Father Quinn is bemused to have to give Maria and Dermot their pre-marriage talk in slightly unusual circumstances - with the mother of the groom in attendance and the groom himself in a cupboard. Buster finally finishes his speech and to Agnes's delight it's very touching - so touching that it draws Dermot out of his hideaway. On the morning of the wedding, Agnes takes a moment to lament her son flying the nest. But this only lasts a moment before Dermot asks her if he and Maria can live with her. Meanwhile, Agnes goes on a hunt for the homosexual in the family - until eventually she realises it is son Rory. With help from Cathy and a greetings card, Agnes reassures him as only she can, that she loves him whatever his sexual orientation.


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  • Episode contains strong language and adult humour.
  • After the end credits, Dermot and Maria return home from the wedding and kiss, the wedding photos are took once the arrive.
  • Barbara appears uncredited. She doesn't have lines of dialogue in this episode, but doesn't appear in the episode until after the end credits.