Agnes thinks everyone has gone mad. Father Quinn is losing his faith as fast as he loses parishioners, newly-weds Dermot and Maria will not stop fighting, and Grandad has decided he wants to stage his own funeral. He's keen to hear all the nice things people say about the deceased at funerals, but before he's actually dead. Maria tells Agnes why she and Dermot have been arguing so much - she thinks they should move out of the Brown household but Dermot is resisting. Dermot, meanwhile, is scheming with Buster to make some quick cash so he can afford a first home for him and Maria. However, their plotting comes to an abrupt end when Cathy and Mick turn up unexpectedly. After some discussion the Browns decide to make Grandad happy by secretly staging his funeral. However, their plans go awry when Agnes mistakes two Mormons for the men who are supposed to be delivering the coffin. Later realising these are the preachers who have been pinching Father Quinn's parishioners, Agnes decides to teach them a lesson.


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  • Episode contains adult humour and strong language.