Dino Doyle is a Scottish hairdresser and the husband of Rory Brown.


2011-2016: Dating RoryEdit

Dino and Rory Brown work alongside each other at the Wash & Blow hair dressers. Both are later promoted to co-managers of the salon. Dino was in fact a chef before a hair dresser which is why Rory recommended him in the first place.

Agnes Brown does not like Dino very much as when he offered to use her new toilet to try and impress Hillary Nicholson she saw that he was wearing a certain type of underwear that females wear. She then tells Rory that she thinks he is a transtesticle.

Rory and Dino did eventually get married, but got married at a private ceremony.

2016-2017: The Wash & Blow fireEdit

In December 2016, Wash & Blow caught fire after paper some paper Christmas decorations that Dino bought hade caught fire. On the night, Barbara rushes into Foley's Bar with her hair tied back and covered in smoke, announcing the fire. Cathy Brown held the door open as Foley's is quickly evacuated, leaving Mr. Foley behind cause he was in the toilet.

The insurance forms weren't filled out which Dino was supposed to do. Dino and Rory kept on arguing because the forms weren't filled out. And if the forms weren't filled out, the insurance company wouldn't pay. Days later, a letter comes in addressed to "The Manager of Wash & Blow". Rory took the letter, but told Dino he was to open it. Barbara opened and inside was a cheque from the insurance industry.


"Almost reday, Mrs. B." (First line)

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