Buster Brady is a best friend of Dermot Brown.


Buster is Dermot's only best friend. He was also Dermot's Best Man at his and Maria Nicholson's wedding.

Buster almost never budges from his regular outfit, consisting of a baseball cap, a jacket , tracksuit bottoms, and white trainers, exceptions including when he wore his Best Man's suit for Dermot and Maria's wedding, although he was still wearing his cap and trainers, and when he played the angel in the Nativity for which he wore a white cap. Buster's jacket and trousers both have security tags attatched, implying they are stolen, and he almost never wears his cap backwards, except when he tried to get a sneak peek at Agnes Brown's new kitchen.

Buster is always coming up with scams to make some easy money. The money he and Dermot made from one scam was used to pay for Jacko McGoogan's heart surgery.


"Hello, Mrs Brown." (First line)